Work, Working, Works: Ben Jonson and Labour

Titlepage of Jonson’s 1616 Works
Jonson, ‘Epistle to Selden’
How fast did Ben Jonson walk?
The Laxton field map, 1635 (Bodleian Library)
Laxton field map (detail)
Jonson’s exchange with Master Craven – from the Newcastle MS (British Library)
From Werner Herzog, Of Walking in Ice
Jonson’s ‘Epistle to Master John Selden’
Excerpt from ‘My Gossip Jonson His Foot Voyage and Mine into Scotland’
The Laxton open field system
Laxton field map, detail
Laxton field map (detail)
Jonson on the feet of the walker – Coryate and the travelling player
Titlepage of Coryate’s Crudities (detail)
From Jonson, ‘To the Memory of My Beloved, the Author…’